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Right World View - Volume 4 Number 6 (12-14-2009)

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Mission Statement: Abbreviated Version            

Manhattanville's Right World View exists for a purpose: to promote the ideals that make the United States of America the greatest country in the world.  Those principles tend to be Conservative in nature.  As such, the Right World View is a fiercely non-partisan Conservative publication. Included among the ideals are a strong and free economy, security both domestic and abroad, and the reestablishment of values in our degrading society.

    We will expose hypocrisy and corruption wherever we may find it, while praising the unsung heroes that too often go overlooked.  We can not, should not, must not, and will not back down.  We owe it to our ideology to win.  Ideas alone do not have consequences.  Actions have consequences, and we will put our ideals into action. Come join the movement to make our country an even better place.  Everything starts locally, but when done right can have a national, even global, effect.


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Current Staff

Diana Shprekher

Assistant Editor-in-Chief
Monique Hardy



Eleanor Silver

Gregory Lico 



Marcus Carr
Luis Morales
Mariana Muñoz

Contributing Writers/Photographers
Michelle Anders
Matthew Garr
Jazmine Lopez
Cecile Nevares
Eliana Torres
Adriana Valdes




Andrew Berman