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Manhattanville's Right World View exists for a purpose: to promote the ideals that make the United States of America the greatest country in the world. Those principles tend to be Conservative in nature. As such, the Right World View is a fiercely non-partisan Conservative publication. Included among the ideals are a strong and free economy, security both domestic and abroad, and the reestablishment of values in our degrading society. These concepts and others are laid out below.

A strong and free economy is the bedrock of our country. The success of our economy is rooted in our free market capitalist system. Over regulation and government intervention diminish our advantages. Taxes must be kept low to allow domestic industries and businesses to compete in the global market. Barriers to entry must be repealed, and free trade worldwide must be established.

Government spending must be restrained. Excessive government spending will drive us into debt and is unsustainable in the long term. Such spending today will cripple our economy down the road.

The Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights are as valid today as ever. If threatened, they must be fought for. They are not to be compromised; they are nonnegotiable.

The promotion of self-reliance is necessary for a free state. The dangers of becoming too reliant on the government are as obvious as they are tragic. The government should not be an agent that enslaves its own citizens.

Security, both domestic and abroad, is of the utmost importance. Without security, all else is meaningless. We must always be able to defend ourselves and our interests. If that means going to war, so be it. While peace is always desirable, peace at the cost of freedom and security is too high a price to pay. In an age of terrorism, homeland security is increasingly important. Effective border security is a must.

Our nation is a nation of immigrants; legal immigrants. Closing ourselves off from the world would be a foolish notion, unrealistic, and ultimately counter-productive. One of our greatest strengths is how we effectively take the best aspects of every society and blend them into our own. We must not allow ourselves to fracture.

We must welcome new legal immigrants with open arms, and effectively ensure their assimilation. We must ensure the motto "E pluribus unum" remains true. We must show respect for our own culture and heritage. Forget not those who came before you. In the same way they created the world in which you live, you will do the same for those that follow you. The "torch" of freedom, passed from generation to generation, must be guarded with all due vigilance. Our main responsibility is to insure that we provide the next generation with the same if not greater privileges and opportunities which we were provided with.

The reestablishment of values in our degrading society is necessary and noble goal. Moral relativism to the extreme only serves to weaken our country and our resolve. People have stood up and died to protect our values; people won't stand up and die to protect moral relativism.

We will expose hypocrisy and corruption wherever we may find it, while praising the unsung heroes that too often go overlooked. We can not, should not, must not, and will not back down. We owe it to our ideology to win. Ideas alone do not have consequences. Actions have consequences, and we will put our ideals into action. Come join the movement to make our country an even better place. Everything starts locally, but when done right can have a national, even global, effect.

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