Requirements to use the name
"Right World View"

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Very little is require for you to use the name Right World View; indeed only two requirements.

One: use/share the Domain Name.  Specifics can be worked out between us, but allowing a link connecting to your main website at and advertising the domain name where ever you advertise your clubs domain name(s) (which can be along side your own web site's  domain name(s)) is all that is necessary.

Two: Allow all reasonable viewpoints to be expressed (reasonable by societal standards; both Conservative and Liberal views can be considered reasonable, Holocaust Denial is NOT). The percentage of each is up to you, but you will find that allowing opposing view points will usually increase your audience substantially (it also helps to show why your view point is correct and theirs is wrong).

Preference: While it is not a requirement, I would like to receive digital copies of all the issues your produce (see Bonuses at the bottom of the page).

Note: These requirements are intentionally flexible for you and not difficult to follow (indeed you should welcome both for your organization even if you don't plan on naming your organization Right World View. The reason for the flexibility is because I would like the Right World View name to spread. Since you are doing me just as much of a favor as I am doing you, why would I try to discourage you with harsh or imposing rules; I wouldn't, and don't.

Promises to You:
You Will NEVER be Required to pay any money.
You Will NEVER be Required to do anything
except what is currently stated above.
Your permission to use the name Right World View Will NEVER be rescinded as long as you continue to fulfill the requirements above.

If requested, you and all of your members can get personalized email addresses ( [subject to name availability]) along with a personalized start page, calender, and chat (Google Talk using your email address).
If needed, I can help you with your initial web presence  setting up a site for your Right World View edition until you can get your own site up and running.

If desired, I would be happy to keep a digital archive of your publication's issues.  Indeed, I would like to receive a digital copy of all the issues you produce.  You will find that it is a good idea to have multiple archives in general, and I am happy to maintain one of your digital archives.