Volume One

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Welcome to the War of Ideas - Andrew Berman / Letter From the Editor / I Just Moved in, Now What - Sophy Bonnet / To Arms, To Arms - Fly a Flag / A Word From the President of Student Government - Amanda Kis / A Few of Manhattanville's Yearly Traditions - Kathryn Pojer / The View From the Top of the Quad - Prof. Lawson Bowling / Beginning A New Adventure - Rabbi Bruce Freyer / How to Deal... - Andrew Berman / Where to Go and What to Do - Kathryn Pojer / Roommate Contract / Professor Spotlight (Prof. Robert Ashkinaze) - Justin Harrison / Student Government Officers / Top Ten College Survival Tips - Andrew Berman

Right World View - Volume 1 Number 2 (10-2-2006)
Remembering 9-11 - Redon Cabej / Student Government Elections - Andrew Berman / Letter From the Editor / To Arms, To Arms - Ensure Chivalry Does not Die / Responsible Drinking - Colleen Radtke / October Events at Manhattanville - Kathryn Pojer / One Crazy Night - Theresa D'Entremont / Little Miss Sunshine Movie Review - Calliope Makris / Double Take - Immigration - Nick Close & Justin Harrison / The Death Tax - Anthony Mongillo / Hugo Chavez and the Latin American Left - Roberto Mallen / Poll: Who Are We? - Radon Cabej / World Trade Center Movie Review - Justin Harrison / Staff Spotlight (Rosa Roldan) - Sophy Bonnet / Student Government Officers / Conservative Quiz - Anthony Mongillo

Right World View - Volume 1 Number 3 (11-6-2006)
My Soldier – Kathryn Pojer / Cheerleaders Raise Money for Their Team – JaimeMarie Harrison, Pricilla Montano, Danielle Terzian / Letter From the Editor / To Arms, To Arms – Your Mission: Vote / Long Distance Relationships – Colleen Radtke / Haunted Castle Tour - Theresa D'Entremont / Mville's Adjunct Mascot? Red Tailed Hawk – Justin Harrison / Shout Out!!! / Double Take – Israel-Lebanon War (2006) – Nick Close & Justin Harrison / Student of the Month (Michele Ribeiro) – Nicole Vourliotis / The Jesus Statue – Andrew Berman / Faculty of the Month (Randy Williams) – Calliope Makris / Staff Spotlight (Chriny Vargas) - Nicole Vourliotis / Tort Reform – Left World View – Danielle Flynn – Right World View – Anthony Mongillo / Poll: Coke vs. Pepsi – Calliope Makris / Juan Salas Interview – Kathryn Pojer / What's in a Flag? – Andrew Berman / Manhattanville's Walk for the Cure – Kathryn Pojer / Sister Helen Prejean Speaks Out Against the Death Penalty – Caitlin Lynch / November Events at Manhattanville – Calliope Makris / Bar Review – The Sho – Colleen Radtke / We Will Not Be Silenced – Andrew Berman

Right World View - Volume 1 Number 4 (12-4-2006)
Nuclear Haven Student Art Scene Eradiates the Pub and Surrounding Areas- Calliope Makris / Thanksgiving Comes Early to Mville - Andrew Berman / Letter from the Editor / To Arms To Arms Read Multiple Sources / Your Guide to Using EBay- Colleen Radtke / December 2006 Calendar of Events- Calliope Makris / The Music You Aren’t Listening Too- Theresa D’Entremont / Shout Out / Double Take Stem Cell Research from Free Speech Alley- Nick Close, Justin Harrison / Student of the Month Angel Ramirez- Nicole Vourliotis/ 200 Nights A Manhattanville Tradition- Kathryn Pojer/ Staff Spotlight Paula Moscowitz- Lindsey Keller / Bodies The Exhibition- Calliope Makris / Abortion Left World View Right World View- Theresa D’Entremont, Anthony Mongillo / For God and Country Religion and Patriotism in the 21st Century – Mary Kate Leahy / The Unseen Tragedy : Invisible Children- Justin Harrison / Thai Ambassador- Nick Close/ Movie Review Flags of Our Fathers- Kathryn Pojer / The Death Tax : A Rebuttal A Response to “ The Death Tax” written by Anthony Mongillo on October 2, 2006- Mary Kate Leahy / Holiday Shopping Tips, Tricks and ideas on what to get the people you are shopping for this year - Kathryn Pojer / Mville Sports Red Madness A Success Students Upset Over Cancelled Pub Party- Frank Furbacher Jr. / Pizza Hut Fundraiser- Andrew Berman

Right World View - Volume 1 Number 5 (1-16-2007)
Winter Formal-Colleen Radtke / Never Again A Students Perspective Darfur- Justin Harrison / Binge Drinking – Colleen Radtke / Theater Review: Company- Steven J. Rosati / Double Take US-Israeli Relations- Nick Close, Justin Harrison / Manhattanville’s Clubs- Calliope Makris / Singapore Ambassador- Nick Close/ Abortion Revisited- Kathryn Pojer, Lindsey Keller /An Abortion Truce- Andrew Berman / What Happened to Finals Week- Lindsey Keller / War on Christmas Lack There of – Theresa D’Entremont/ Joint Holiday Party- Jessica
Leichweiz / Clara Knopfler Holocaust Hero and Survivor- Kathryn Pojer/ Campaign Finance- Davion Marcus / Midnight Brunch- Kathryn Pojer / Mexico’s Troubled Democracy- Roberto Mallen

Right World View - Volume 1 Number 6 (2-7-2007)
Acupuncture in the Castle- Steven J. Rosati / 100 Nights- Andrew Deacon /What to do on Valentine’s Day- Colleen Radtke /Martin Luther King Jr. Lecture- Calliope Makris /Remembering Joseph- Steven J. Rosati, Logan Osberg and Davion Marcus /February and March 2007 Events- Calliope Makris / Club Paradise: A New Musical in the Garden of Eden- Kathryn Pojer/ Double Take: State of the Union Address- Emil Moussa, Justin Harrison / Shabbat Dinner- Justin Harrison / Help is a Phone Call Away: Manhattanville College’s New Sexual
Assault Hotline- Kathryn Pojer /Iraq Surge or Withdrawal- Andrew Berman and Mary Kate Leahy / Time Person of the Year You- Roberto Mallen / The Hamas-Fatah Dilemma- Roberto Mallen / Manhattanville’s Wild Beach Bash- Di Sphrek / Money Issues- Andrew Berman

Right World View - Volume 1 Number 7 (3-5-2007)
Harley Newman the Professional Lunatic- Andrew Berman/Racism? The Renee Jackson Turmoil- Angel Deana Peoples/ the Best Time of the Year March Madness- Professor Lawson Bowling /Conservative? Me?- Logan Osberg / The Mecca Agreement A Sign of Hope- Roberto Mallen /March 2007 Calendar of Events- Calliope Makris/ Politics or Celebrities Which do Mville Students Know More About?- Jessica L. /Stress Busters- Kathryn Pojer/ The Vagina Monologues- Andrew Berman, Mary Kate Leahy / Triple Take- Does any part of our government can it destroy democracy? - Andrew Berman, Mary Kate Leahy and Thomas Lucas / The Manhattanville College Library: Your New Local Video Store- Kathryn Pojer / Disarmament Deal a Reflection on the New Nuclear Deal with North Korea – Justin Harrison / Straw Poll of Manhattanville Students- Thomas Lucas / Picture- Justine Anne / Spending and Saving at Mville- Sophia Dimou / Who’s Who? – Marcriana Ramos / Faculty Spotlight Jane Gangi- Calliope Makris / Our Generation- Emil Moussa / Paganism- Christopher Valdes / Looking at The Declaration of Independence- Andrew Deacon / Money Issues Update – Andrew Berman

Right World View - Volume 1 Number 8 (4-2-2007)
Mville Sports - Francis Magnotta / International Bazaar - Ebi Spahiu / Senior Thesis Projects for Dance and Theater- Steven Rosati / Letter From the Editor / To Arms, To Arms - Do What is Right / Balancing Work and School - Colleen Radtke / Affirmative Action - Davion Marcus / Iranian - British Row after British Soldiers Detained - Nick Close / The Story of Hadassah - Jessica Leichtweisz / The Connie Hogarth Center Environmental Seminars - Christopher Valdes / Art: Drawing the Nude Model - Jessica Tahijan / Define " Fair" - Marcy Ramos / April 2007 Calendar of Events - Kathryn Pojer / Building Bridges: Middle East Forum - Justin Harrison / Capitol Punishment: Right World View - Kathryn Pojer & Left World View - Justin Harrison / American Ideology - Assimilation / Free Speech Alley Prostitution - Thomas Lucas / Stuck in France - Kathryn Pojer / Featured Photos - Shannon Jannelle-Cohen & Steven Rosati / Castle View - Jessica Tashjan /
Poetry Section - Jessica Tashjan & Justine Chirico / Controversy at the Box Office 300 - Logan Osberg / View from the 'Ville - Andrew Berman