Why Would You Want to Share the
Domain Name?

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Creating a website can get expensive; especially when you are first starting off a club and don't have a lot of spare money (purchasing a Domain Name, variations to the name, and web hosting to name a few). Most colleges will offer clubs some web space for free. This is ideal in terms of cost, but the downside is that the Domain Name given is often long and complicated. For example:
. Some may be longer, others shorter, different, but most are fairly cumbersome both to remember or to try to type into a web browser for quick viewing.

Some Colleges are not very happy with the idea of a Conservative Organization starting on their campus. They may be waiting for the first excuse to try and shut you down. If you advertise your website as the one they give you (www.YourCollege.edu/studentcenter/clubs/YourClubsName), once they shut you down all that advertisement has been for nothing.

Sharing the www.RightWorldView.com is totally free for you (that isn't to say that if you offer to help pay some of the cost of keeping it running I would object). YOU WILL NEVER BE REQUIRE TO PAY no matter how long you share the www.RightWorldView.com Domain Name. We also own other extensions of www.RightWorldView.com. You can use these to try different advertising patterns and stick with which ever seems to work (for a complete list of owned extensions e-mail

By using the www.RightWorldView.com Domain Name, you get the best of both worlds. You can still take the free web space from your college, and can advertise the www.RightWorldView.com. Which to you think is easier (from the perspective of those you want to visit your website); remembering and then typing www.YourCollege.edu/studentcenter/clubs/YourClubsName into the address bar without making any errors, or Remembering and typing in www.RightWorldView.com and then clicking on the link to your website which will be easily visible in big bold lettering right on the front page? Again; long complicated name easily prone to mistakes and errors, or a short easy to remember Domain Name followed by one mouse click (with no to minimal scrolling required).

The other advantage is to the ease of rebuilding your presence should the unfortunate happen. As mentioned before, if your college shuts down your webpage (which if it run through them is easy for them to do) then you are simply out of luck. If you share the www.RightWorldView.com Domain Name (and advertise your website through it) then it is a different story. While it is true that your website would go down temporarily (because the school had closed your web space) you could quickly acquire a new web space and your
link would be redirected (you would of course, have to tell me to do this, when you share the Domain Name www.RightWorldView.com I will give you my personal e-mail address which is checked multiple times a day; this will ensure that if you need a quick change I will be able to make it quickly) from your college's given web space to your newly acquired web space. The advertised link wouldn't change, and your website viewers might not even notice that you were forced to move (though I can imagine that your front page online story would probably inform them as to what happened). The effect of your college shutting down your website goes from calamitous to a minor nuisance when you share the www.RightWorldView.com Domain Name. This also takes away from the threat/fear of them doing it allowing you to report more freely and without as much worry to the consequences of following a story.

When you share the www.RightWorldView.com Domain name it makes it easier to coordinate and communicate with other Right World View's. While there may not be many of us now, it is obvious how being able to easily network with each other can be a great aid for help, ideas, and just about anything else you can think of.

Finally, as the creator and founder of the Right World View, it is really the only thing I am asking you to do for permission to use the name Right World View. It is a permission that will never be rescinded as long as you continue to share the Domain Name and allow different viewpoints into your publication (even if you are mostly a liberal publication but allow Conservatives to contribute their opinions, that would suffice for allowing different viewpoints. It also means that if you are mostly a Conservative publication, you should still allow contributions from other view points).